These East Islip seventh-graders decided to forego getting mom flowers last month or making a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed highlighted by burnt toast.

Instead, Rena Costello’s home economics students went with homemade pillows.

To keep up with what’s trending, they researched shabby chic decor and each designed their own pillow using a variety of burlap bags and doing all the sewing and decorating themselves, their teacher explained.

“These pillows are very popular in stores and online, but you can’t buy our pillows because each one was designed by the student and no two are alike,” Costello said.

“Some of my students put their family’s name on the pillow, or the word ‘Mom’, others decorated them with ribbon and lace, but all of them made their moms smile.”

Photos of seventh-graders and their pillows courtesy of the East Islip School District