This was Cody’s first trip to the Islip Animal Shelter’s 5th annual pet wash in Bay Shore, the place he lived before Nancy Hassel of Babylon adopted him.

“I thought he wouldn’t like coming back here, but he does,” she said. “We’ve made great friends here and these events give back to the place that housed him for six months before I took him home.”

Almost 100 dogs got a bath at the Islip Animal Shelter’s 5th in Bay Shore on a sunny, 80 degree Saturday. And almost everyone opted to sponsor a dog wash for dogs in the shelter too, with a donation.

“The town’s budget just isn’t able to support the shelter on it’s own” said the vice president and director of Live Love Bark Dog Rescue, Sue Johnson. “So we have to do fundraisers to help the dogs.”

This was the third year Live Love Bark Dog Rescue helped with the dog wash. The group’s president, Venessa Rotondi, said donations are always needed.

All year, volunteers help walk, train and collect supplies for the shelter dogs.

People in the community drop off blankets, used towels and old newspapers as well. They also help the shelter by photographing and sharing stories about dogs that need homes.

“If people want to help the dogs waiting to be adopted, they can grab a bag of dog food while grocery shopping and drop it of,” said Rotondi.

When they find themselves in dire need of help, they call on their growing number of Facebook fans.

Then word spreads like wildfire and donations starts showing up.  

Cody appears in the shower cap. Photos by Tiffany Rivera.