Social media sensation and Long Island native Wolfyla showed up at Glazé Hair Studio in Bay Shore Thursday, much to the delight of the dozens of fans who had learned ahead time about the appearance on Main Street.

She gets her hair done regularly by Glazé by stylist and owner Rikki Dimitriadi.

The two hatched a plan recently for a special appearance at Glazé, where fans were invited to meet the inspiring Vine, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram (you name it) personality — and even take a selfie with her at the studio.

If you think you recognize her from around town, Wolfyla actually lived in Bay Shore for a chunk of her childhood, during which time she attended South Country Elementary.

She said she started making short Vine videos in 2013 — either of her talking, singing, dancing, or just making funny faces — as an outlet during her struggles with depression.

“I wanted to take the tension away from what I was going through with life, depression, anxiety … a lot of stressful things,” he said. “But I’m really thankful I went through all that because it made me who I am today.”

One thing she never expected was to become famous.

“People started walking by me in the hallway (at school) and mimicking my Vine, and I was like, OK, people are starting to watch my stuff; this is really weird.

“Then I started to get stopped at the mall. Then I couldn’t go to the mall.”

Jennifer Delvalle, 15, of Pennsylvania, was visiting Long Island this week when she caught word of the Wolftyla event.

She was the first up for selfies Thursday.

“I found out from her Instagram and I wanted to come down here because my cousin and I have been loving her forever,” she said after her nervous meeting with Wolftyla. “She has an amazing personality and all these positive vibes and she’s so nice and she tries to keep herself happy and people appreciate it.”

The R&B singer also recently signed with Interscope Records.

“I was just, like, a kid thinking I’m going to make these stupid little videos,” she added before the meet and greet, “and all of a sudden 500 people started following me, and then thousands, and now we’re up to like 2.8 million.

“But it’s still really humbling to this day.”

Top photo: Jennifer Delvalle, 15, gets to take a selfie with Wolftyla.

Wolftyla Long Island

Wolftyla with Glazé Hair Studio owner and stylist Rikki Dimitriadis.

Tyla shows a little love for

Here she shows a little love for in the selfie booth Thursday.