Our first introduction to a new show is usually offered through the news feed of our favorite social media platforms.

Properly executed, it is complete with appealing art that whets the appetite for the musical frenzy it promises.

I often find myself staring at the poster art on the walls of many venues. The color, the typography and style are fresh, vibrant and inviting. For most of us, our first material experience with a musician or an event is that of promotional poster art. 

Please allow me to introduce Arizona Kay and Justin Waaland.

Individually they each have their own training, inspiration and style. Collectively the couple  — both are 28 — share their life, their art and their passion.

Many would find it difficult to share a home and a business with their partner, but in the case of Arizona and Justin they have found a balance between the two. As a team they become the creative force behind some of the island’s incredible poster art and a business venture known as KAYWALL.

On Long Island their work has graced the walls of 89 North, The Brick House Brewery and The Amityville Music Hall.

Their art is not relegated to the local scene, so you very well might find yourself glancing at their work at iconic NYC venues as well.

Justin and Arizona, both of Huntington, pull their inspiration from a myriad of resources. They have created local band logos and have been the visual creative entity behind the music.

Their work runs the gamut, from local branding to a collaborative effort in developing merchandise for international acts such as Skrillex — an American electronic music producer, DJ, singer and songwriter.

Like many artists living on the outskirts of NYC, they are incredibly close to the big show. Unlike many artists, however, they’re destined to take that next step. Through innovative design, creative impulse and the conscious nurturing of relationships both professionally and personally, Justin and Arizona are a creative powerhouse to keep an eye on.

Justin and Arizona can be contacted at www.twitter.com/KAYWAAL or www.facebook.com/KAYWAAL.

Editor’s note: This story was first published in March on greaterpatchogue.com.