Now anyone with internet access can watch Suffolk County Legislature meetings live from the Riverhead County Center — which is technically in Riverside — instead of just having to listen.

The new live video streaming utilizes four cameras and just debuted last week.

The four-camera feed, featuring different angles, is also now available for meetings of the county Legislature at the William H. Rogers Building in Hauppauge.

Most Legislature meetings are held in Hauppauge, where previously video was streamed from a fixed, one-camera system. The additional cameras make for better angles of lawmakers, public speakers and those giving testimony.

“Expanding our video streaming services is an important step in making county government transparent and accessible to the people,” said Legislator DuWayne Gregory.

Gregory, the presiding officers, has been leading the effort to expand video streaming services.

“We hope to engage as many residents as possible in the legislative process,” he said. “By watching the debate among lawmakers, residents get better insight into how decisions evolve.”

Click here for access to the stream whenever legislative meetings are in session.

And click here for the meeting schedule for 2016; there’s three more left.

Photo: Stills from the four-camera video systems in both Riverhead and Hauppauge.