After much anticipation, The Bohlsen Restaurant Group plans to open its second location of H20: Seafood and Sushi in East Islip on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

“The opening will kick off with a few weeks of ‘soft openings’ where guests can come join us for dinner as we work out our kinks,” said Kelsey Peacock of The Bohlsen Restaurant Group.

As a gesture of appreciation for guests who seek to be among the first taste-testers, those who visit H20 at 166 West Main Street during the soft opening will receive a gift card worth 50 percent of their dining total to use in a future visit in the New Year. had previously reported that the restaurant was set to open on or around Thanksgiving.

The new H20 will not be an exact replica of its sister restaurant in Smithtown, Michael Bohlsen previously told

The menu will continue to favor local ingredients and a vast selection of international wines, but will also include some dishes and drinks crafted especially for a South Shore clientele.  

As well, the East Islip location plans to open for brunch “sometime in early January,” said Peacock.

After the Beachtree Café closed in April, The Bohlsen Restaurant Group gutted the building for a complete renovation.  

Details on price fixe menus for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are forthcoming.

H20 Seafood and Sushi East Islip