Greater Bay Shore TV by is going broadcast in 2017.

Well, sort of.

You’ll still find the same timely, engaging and well-written local news features and events coverage, but we’ll be making a big push for video news content. This will include pieces like the report on Bay Shore Youth Football recruiting children with special needs to participate in the league.

We’ll also have paid content. These are commercials, essentially, that will come in the form of 1- to 2-minute Food Network of Travel Channel-type shows that showcase local businesses, restaurants, and more.nosh-on-this

One show will be called Nosh On This and the first episode will be released next week.

Aside from being promotional, Nosh on This will seek to better inform readers about their local foodstuffs — and the people who make them.

Our series featuring non-food related businesses will be called How We Do.


This will all fall under the umbrella of Greater Bay Shore TV, or GBSTV.

“I’ve long thought about how to present, and fund, quality video content,” said Michael White, the publisher and founder of “What we’ve come up with is a unique, modern approach to pairing news content and paid content that is sure to delight our local readers. Just watch.”

Email publisher Michael White at if you’re a broadcast journalist looking to contribute to GPTV. 

Email to learn about being featured.