If you’re looking to make a huge splash and tell the region all about your restaurant, candy store, bakery or coffee shop, consider an appearance on Nosh on This — a new promotional product distributed through greaterbayshore.com.

The premier episode above, which featured the Kilwins shops in both Babylon and Patchogue villages, was viewed 35,000 times in its first week, and counting.

Email publisher Michael White at mike@greaterbayshore.com to learn about our rates. Or, call or text 631-786-5708.

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A Testimonial from John Murray, III:

To all those business leaders and visionaries who might be reading this, let me tell you about some of the greatest money I have ever spent.

A couple of months ago I was enjoying what I would refer to as an “artisan breakfast” with Mike White when he told all me about his latest idea for a Greater TV.

We both took a chance, and the results have blown everyone away.

I cannot tell everyone how to run their businesses, and all businesses are different. What I can tell you is the two-minute “Nosh on This” segment we filmed lit both of my Facebook pages on fire.

Kilwins Babylon Village and Kilwins Patchogue Village have had more likes, engaged audience, shares, comments, reactions, and overall viewership than ever before.

Now what business anywhere wouldn’t benefit from that?

As I look around the communities myself and Greater Media serves, I think about how many specialty businesses there are. In both communities, I could walk down Main Street and come up with a soundbite about what makes each special. Just as Mike and his team tell the stories of these communities, use these spots to tell your story, what makes you special, and why viewers should consider spending their post-tax ever fleeting “discretionary spending” money with you.

Collaborate with Greater Media and their production team, merge your efforts, leverage the combined audiences you both have.

Watch your brand awareness and social media explode.

Beyond that, you will be left with a durable clip to show prospective landlords, lenders, and officials who you are and what you do.

Feel free to contact me directly at babylon@kilwins.com or patchogue@kilwins.com.

Sincerely, John Murray, III