Get ready to get all soapy and bubbly this winter in Islip.

A handmade, all-natural cosmetic store called Lather Up! will be opening in just a few weeks at 488 Main Street.

The location is a familiar one for owner Lisa Saggio, whose candy shop Sugared Up! opened in September at 488 Main before moving to a larger space a block to the east.

Saggio says Lather Up! will be filling a need in the area, which she says lacks any high quality, organic cosmetic outlet.  She thinks the shop will be a draw for locals and visitors seeking a healthier alternatives to CVS or Bath & Body Works.

Quality skin care is a passion of Saggio who, as a Lupus suffer, deals with various skin conditions related to the auto-immune disease.

“Having Lupus I have to be very careful about the products I put on my skin,” said Saggio. “I have found a lot of people have similar issues and want to have safer products, but to get them they have to travel far away.”

All of the items at Lather Up! will be natural, with no chemical additives.  Also, she noted, none of her inventory goes through animal testing.

Products will be available for men and women of all different age groups — as well as children — and include handmade soaps, shampoos, shaving creams, lip balms, and diffusers for natural oils.

For those looking for an OFF! alternative come summer, Lather Up! will also stock seasonal products like natural bug repellents.

Lather Up! will be hosting parties, during which children and adults can make their own products.

The Saggio family also plans to take over The Plate restaurant, which opened last spring and recently closed, and rebrand it into a sports bar named Bottoms Up!

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