The time of unmanned security patrol vehicles roving airports, school properties, even local storage centers, is upon us.

Fresh off being named one of the Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2016 by Security Sales & Integration Magazine, the Sharp INTELLOS Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicle has arrived in Bay Shore.

Representatives of A+ Technology & Security, a video security and technology integration company on North Clinton Avenue, have announced they were chosen as the first Sharp INTELLOS dealer and integrator in the U.S. The INTELLOS was introduced in the fall.

“We’re excited; we think this is one of the big aspects of the future,” said Steve Cina, the director of marketing for A+ Technology & Security. “And people are starting to warm up to the idea.”

He’s quick to mention the INTELLOS is much more than a camera on wheels.

“Yes, its got cameras,” Cina said, “But its also equipped with sensors that can test for changes in extreme temperature, radiation, chemical. It’s actually evaluating different things in its environment, and it can trigger alerts.”

“A perfect application for this would be exterior patrol of a nuclear facility, or a chemical plant,” he continued. “If there’s a chemical leak or a radiation leak, this Sharp INTELLOS would detect it, respond, and notify the company that, hey, something happened.

“All without putting someone in harm’s way.”

As for the cost, most clients would lease the robot at a rate of about $15 per/hour, operating at 24 hours a day. Cina said a live security patrol person would typically costs a company about $25 an hour.

The cost would vary for buying the machine outright, largely depending on its features.

Indeed, the robot is built to replace a human security guard, however Cina highlighted the benefits of being able to send the INTELLOS into dangerous places or situations.

“Now you’re taking humans out of harm’s way,” he said. “Plus, these companies would be hiring a better qualified officer at a higher rate of pay, but for less hours, to analyze the data coming in.”

The INTELLOS is also equipped with speakers and a mic, so that if it did come across a subject, those monitoring the robot can then communicate through the machine.

On Jan. 31, A+ Technology & Security teamed up with Sharp Robotics Business Development to showcase the robot at Belmont Park racetrack for JFK and Laguardia airport representatives, as well as the Suffolk County Police Department and large security companies.

“We mapped out a tour for the robot in the parking lot,” Cina said. “People also got to go into a command vehicle where they could see through the robots’ cameras as it went on its tour. It’s also got a thermal imaging camera, so people were able to see which cars were hot, which were cold. And it was snowing out so it all looked really cool.”

Cina also pointed out the robot is equipped with navigational sensors, so it would never collide with an object or person.

“And it can pinpoint-turn on a dime,” he said.

Photo: The Sharp INTELLOS Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicle that’s currently on display in the showroom at A+ Technology and Security in Bay Shore.