Now area Catholics can head to Local Burger Co. in Bay Shore on Fridays during Lent and leave with a clear conscience.

Fish Fry Fridays started in March at Local Burger, where they’ve been serving up hand-breaded catfish sandwiches capped with slaw, pickles, lettuce and creole mayo.

It was during Local Burger’s latest monthly Burger Lab brainstorming session that the crew discussed how to prevent a Friday drop-off in busines during Lent.

(Lent, by the way, is a holy season that lasts for about six weeks, during which many Catholics and other Christians abstain from eating meat on Fridays, to put it simply.)

The idea for the fish sandwich was born.

“Don’t be a sinner, eat Local’s fish fry for lunch and dinner,” Local Burger co-owner Mike McElwee said in a statement announcing the new sandwich.

Although Local Burger might stay busy on Fridays, business could slow at the St. Patrick’s confession booth. Take Facebook user Debra Bryant, who mentioned on Local Burger’s Facebook page she had concerns about going there on a Friday this time of year.

Then she discovered the fish fry, which is being offered up on Fridays in addition to the burgers, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches.

“Best fried catfish sandwich ever!” she wrote.