Your favorite movies of all-time are returning to the big screen, this time at the YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts.

Tickets went on sale Wednesday to see Jaws, Beetlejuice, Love Actually and/or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in the heart of downtown Bay Shore.

At $8 per ticket ($5 if you buy all four), ticket prices are pretty throw-back, too.

This is the fifth year of the popular “Classic Films on the BIG Screen” series, said Boulton Center director Michele Rizzo.

She traces the initial idea to a conversation between herself and Bobby Gulinello of Bay Shore’s The Cortland and South Shore Dive, which is in West Saville.

“A few years back he thought it would be fun to see movies from our childhood on the big screen,” Rizzo recalled. “We spoke about it and a series was created.”

“Although you can watch these movies at home anytime you want, there is something fun about seeing with others and enjoying popcorn and craft beers,” Rizzo added. “Especially films that someone might have been too young to have seen at the theater.”

Christmas Vacation (Dec. 13) has been screened every December since 2013, with the other three films changing.

Prior movies shown at the Boulton Center have included Gen-X favorites such as The Goonies, Karate Kid, Princess Bride, Back to the Future, and Back to the Future 2.

Jaws is being screened on July 26, during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Given the time of year and all of Long Island’s beach communities, Rizzo said Jaws was a no-brainer for the series.

Beetlejuice (Oct. 25) was chosen amid talk of a Beetlejuice 2.

“So, I thought screening the original around Halloween would be fun,” she said.

Love Actually (Nov. 22) has been on the short list for awhile, and Christmas Vacation is now a Boulton Center tradition.

“It’s fun knowing we are presenting films that bring back memories and provide lots of laughs,” Rizzo said.

All the movies are shown on Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m.