by Nicholas Esposito |

Amidst a national phenom that is sweeping the U.S., where groups are painting rocks and hiding them throughout their cities, there is a young Brightwaters girl who decided to bring the fun to her hometown.

Kathryn Pitta, 5, was vacationing in Florida when she spotted two decorated rocks in a park.

Later on, after researching the significance of the rocks with her mother, they found a Facebook group called Martin County Rocks. After seeing how effective and widely popular the group was, with over 22,000 members, they decided to bring the idea home.

“After learning about it down in Florida, [Kathryn] wanted to bring it [to the South Shore],” said her mother, Brooke Pitta.

Kathryn introduced the idea to her Bay Shore and Brightwaters’ Daisy Troop, whose members have since created their own Facebook group: South Shore LI Rocks.

“In less than 24 hours of creating the Facebook group it had over 400 members!” said Brooke. “People seem very excited about it.”

The girls spent Tuesday night, May 23,  painting — all to spread kindness and a sense of community through creativity. They then hide the rocks throughout Bay Shore and Brightwaters.


They could be in a nearby park or by a business store front, but Kathryn offered no hints — she wants you to find them on your own.

“When you find the rock you take a picture of it and it makes you happy,” explained little Kathryn. Finders are encouraged to either hide the rock again, paint their own rock, or keep the rock.

She also invites people to take pictures of the rocks and share those pictures with the Facebook group.

You can keep an eye out for Kathryn’s artwork; on Tuesday she painted a lady bug, American flag, and troll rocks.

“I paint them for happiness,” said Kathryn. “I want to paint them forever.”

“Kathryn truly just wants to put smiles on peoples faces,” her mom said.

Top: Daisy Troop girls (Kathryn Pitta, middle) painting rocks Tuesday. (courtesy).

The finished products after a night of painting. (courtesy)