GBS-TV: ‘Cooking with Dad’ by Andrew Theodorakis |

Chef Dave Glatzerman and his son Jack ride their bikes to work in Bay Shore, often side by side.

And they work hard, with 16-year-old Jack taking the reins in pastry and pushing out 300 desserts a night at one of Long Island’s top restaurants, The LakeHouse.

“We tell him,” said Dave Glatzerman, “you’re starting at the top; this place is one of the top 5 restaurants on Long Island.”

The LakeHouse moved to its new (and much larger) Maple Avenue spot from its original West Main Street location last spring. When the restaurant was about to reopen in May, they needed a dishwasher on the fly.

So Dave Glatzerman called Jack, a student at Islip High School.

Soon Jack was helping with pastries. Now he’s looking forward to buying his own car.

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