Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas, last month. Among the places impacted the worst in the nation’s fourth-largest city were healthcare centers.

To help bring relief, Northwell Health flew down teams of volunteers.

The first group, which consisted of 36 employees, included nurses, surgical technicians and physicians with oncology experience.


Among them was RN Angela Daly, a Babylon Village resident who was interviewed this week by GreaterBayShore.

“When I heard about the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, I immediately jumped on volunteering,” she said.

Daly and her teamed arrived on Labor Day, trained, then worked four shifts at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, which is located a few miles from the heart of the city.

What Daly saw conjured up frontline images of Sandy.

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A Hurricane Harvey photo from Houston from Michael Coppens/Flickr. Some rights reserved

“I could really see the damage, and it kind of hit home … it felt like Sandy all over again,” said Daly, who lived in Rockaway, Queens, one of the areas hardest hit by the 2012 superstorm.

“You see all the people’s belongings on the grass, see where drywall was ripped out of people’s homes,” she said of the scenes in Houston that reminder her of New York after Sandy.

At MD Anderson, the medical center saw nearly one out of three nurses get their homes destroyed — and instead of tending to their own lives, they were working around the clock to aid others.

The Northwell Health team came to relieve them.

“They were so thankful [to see us],” said Daly. “One nurse worked 17 days in a row.”

The relief was imperative because at the oncology center workers couldn’t abandon patients who were going through treatment.

“It was super, super important that these patients had no interruption in their care,” said Daly.

One missed dosage or rehab would disrupt the entire clinical trail, she explained.

Daly said the entire experience was “touching,” adding she would be honored to go back again to help those in need.

Top: Angela Daly of Babylon outside the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. (courtesy)

The physicians, RNs and surgical techs of Northwell Health Team One. (courtesy photo)

A courtesy photo of the MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.