Ramel Johnson had always dreamed of playing football.

And so he joined the JV team.

Then last week, the Bay Shore High School sophomore, who has multiple learning and cognitive disabilities, fulfilled every football player’s dream: scoring a touchdown.

Ramel now has himself a highlight to rival anyone’s, as he sprinted for a 50-yard touchdown in the last game of the season against Smithtown East on Oct. 7.

The result was a huge celebration in the end zone. (Watch above.)

But it all started over the summer, when Ramel showed up for tryouts. Teachers and coaches at Bay Shore High School worked together to ensure he could be part of the team, according to the district.

“Members of the JV football team embraced Ramel, and helped him learn the sport and feel welcome on the team,” a district spokesperson said. “When approached in the days leading up to the game about running a special play, the Smithtown East coaching staff and players showed tremendous grace in agreeing to allow Ramel to have a shining moment …”

“As Ramel ran 50 yards down the field to score a touchdown, the two teams came together to show that some things are bigger than the game.”

Pictured: Bob Panariello, Bay Shore Athletic Director; Stephen Costello, Smithtown East JV Coach; Megan Jensen, Bay Shore High School Teacher; Ramel Johnson; Michael Carter Moore, Bay Shore High School Paraprofessional; Michael Brown, Bay Shore JV Head Coach