Islip Town officials are suspending the parking meter program in downtown Bay Shore for the holiday season.

From Saturday, Nov. 25, to Monday, Jan. 1, visitors to the Bay Shore will be allowed to park freely in an effort promote holiday business downtown.

“Small businesses employ our local youth, and provide a level of customer service unique to the downtown shopping experience,” said Islip Town supervisor Angie Carpenter on the freezing of paid parking.

The suspended parking meter initiative will apply to all meters in the downtown area of Bay Shore, including the back lots, says Islip Town officials. [Update: The train meters will continue to remain in operation.]

The first big event that will benefit from the free parking initiative is Bay Shore Beautification’s Winter Festival on Saturday, Nov. 25.

Other areas, such as Patchogue, have also suspended meters during the holidays in the past.

Top: The parking meters will have new signs to notify patrons of the suspended parking meter program. (credit: Nicholas Esposito)