After 25 years in East Islip, Martino’s pizzeria has changed hands and is now Bellina’s Pizza & Restaurant.

Between co-owners Ahmet Shatri, Haki Mucaj, and manager Richie Logrippo, the new pizzeria has a wealth of experience with each person having owned their own locations in the past.

Logrippo, who had worked for Martino’s the last two weeks it was opened, says his plan is to keep doing the things that made the prior pizzeria successful over the years — but with his own twist.

“The [previous] menu was a nice, basic Italian menu,” he explained. “We added newer and more modern.”

Some of the changes include the creation of a lunch menu, as well as the introduction of paninis.

Since opening on Nov. 3 at 22 East East Main Street, the Bellina’s owners say they feel the neighborhood has welcomed them with open arms.

“The margarita pizza was amazing,” one patron told GreaterBayShore as she finished up a slice.

“We want to be a part of the community,” said Logrippo. “We want to be here a long time.”

Top: (L-R) Bellina’s employee Myles Rivera, co-owner Haki Mucaj, and manager Richie Logrippo behind the counter. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito) 

An outdoor look of Bellina’s. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito)

Some specialty slices ready to be ordered at Bellina’s. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito)