These Monday nights have been popping at Henley’s Village Tavern in Brightwaters

Starting with the first “pop-up kitchen” event in June, Henley’s owner Dan Kitson has been inviting outside chefs to kick off the week by dazzling up to 50 guests at once.

So far, all four events have been sold-out.

“I don’t know of any other restaurants locally doing anything like this,” Kitson said. “We’ve featured a couple of chefs from the Bay Shore area, such as chef Sean Broderick and chef Reggie Ligonde. Both have extremely different backgrounds.”

At each Monday pop-up, a guest chef oversees the kitchen in preparing a 12- to 15-course small plate dinner. (Above is a striped bass plate from chef Sean Broderick.)

Kitson himself ran the kitchen for the August pop-up, then Henley’s Village Tavern took a break during the fall for its Monday Night Football tailgate menu.

Maggie Cohen, who does a lot of private catering, performed this past Monday night.

“Chef Broderick and Chef Ligonde both now work in corporate settings, so for them the thrill of being on the line again was why they did it,” Kitson explained. “For Maggie, the thrill is she’s never been on the line.”

For those looking to attend, the pop-ups will continue through the year at Henley’s, located at 184 Orinoco Drive.

Kitson already has a few candidates in mind for the next pop-up, likely in March or April.

The plan is to then host one dinner ever 6-8 weeks. The cost is either $100, which includes unlimited house wine and beer, or $75 for dinner only. There’s one seating at 7 p.m. for 50 guests.

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