On Saturday, floodwaters overtook the southern end of Maple Avenue in Bay Shore — forcing evacuation or stranding diners, according to news reports.

Below, LakeHouse restaurant co-owner Eileen Connors recounts that wild Saturday night and issues a thank-you to her patrons, staffers, emergency workers and the overall community.

from Eileen Connors


The flooding happened so quickly that we didn’t even realize it until we were all stuck — thankfully in a warm and dry restaurant with a fully stocked bar! 

Thank God we didn’t have any damage; we are built up above the flood line.

So, our only problem was that the road became impassible.

And I may have the best staff in the world. They all stayed with me until the bitter end to make sure every person got home safely.  (We probably had 65 guests still there, and 20 employees.)

They were so calm bringing people tea and drinks and waiting until every customer left before they did. 

Fire departments from Sayville, East Islip, West Islip, Babylon, and Bay Shore showed up with the rafts and fire trucks and got everyone home safely.

The combination of full moon, nor’easter and tidal surge was more than the bay could handle, I guess. It’s the first time we’ve ever seen it like that.

And while my customers and staff were greatly inconvenienced by this insanity, they all reacted with such grace and humor. Best. Staff. Ever. 

And they all showed up Sunday to work brunch service and we had to transport everybody by giant party bus up and down Maple Avenue until the roads cleared. That’s dedication!

We are so appreciative to be in a community where people genuinely care.

LakeHouse staffers commuting to work for Sunday brunch.

A car stuck in floodwaters over Maple Avenue dock.

Fire departments from East Islip and elsewhere sent brush trucks to Bay Shore.

Firefighters used rafts to get diners to safety.

Emergency workers wade through the floodwaters in Bay Shore.


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