There’s only been one place to grab the uber-popular Coastal Coconut IPA, brewed exclusively by Destination Unknown Beer Company for Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar in Bay Shore.

And that place is Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar. 

It’s still the only place, but now you can leave with a 6-pack of cans. 

That’s right people. Coastal is canning.

“Come and get a 4-pack or 6-pack or even 1-pack,” said Coastal co-owner Anthony Tartaglia. “Grab a loosie and take it home as a night cap.”

“Or take it to the ferry or beach, or go home and watch the game,” Tartaglia continued. “Take it to your friend’s house and you’re the life of the party with a beer no one has ever had before.”

He and the Coastal staff have been especially proud of the 14-beer tap line since Coastal opened in January at 12 East Main Street.

“It all starts with our craft beer,” Tartaglia said. “The beer menu has gotten really good. It’s just a great variety, with a lot of local stuff and it’s ever-rotating.”

The idea for cans was to spread the love beyond Main Street. So they ordered up an MK-16 canner, which arrived in Bay Shore two days ago.

Starting next week, cans will be available in 12 or 16 ounces. But Tartaglia stresses that people still need to heed the local laws if they’re looking to leave Coastal and crack a can in public.

“Obviously you can’t drink on the ferry or anywhere you’re not supposed to,” he said.

But the offerings aren’t limited to craft.

“Grab a six-pack of Budweiser if you’re here and running late to Fire Island,” Tartaglia said.

Meanwhile, Coastal is working with four local artists to design labels that will feature Coastal branding and tons of color.

Cans will be $2 off the bar price, except for the Coastal Coconut IPA ($8).

“It’s made just for us,” Tartaglia said of the IPA. “People come here just for that beer.”