Timber Point Elementary School now counts heroes among its faculty and staff.

Two educators —and on different occasions — helped save the lives of two students who were choking on food.

Kindergarten teacher Michele Brodtman and paraprofessional Deborah Keating were at the right place at the right time when they each successfully used the Heimlich maneuver to remove a Fruit-Roll-Up and a chicken nugget from students’ throats during lunchtime.

“Both children were saved due to these amazing women jumping into action, responding to the situation without hesitation,” said Timber Point principal Danielle Naccarato.

Both were recognized by the East Islip school board at its meeting on March 8.

Top: Michele Brodtman and Deborah Keating up front alongside East Islip school board president Jessica Carney, Superintendent John Dolan, and assistant superintendent for instruction and personnel, Paul Manzo. (Photo courtesy of East Islip School District.)