The YMCA Boulton Center is giving away tickets for the April 18 screening of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure through a photo scavenger hunt..

Bill & Ted’s comes as part of the Boulton Center and’s co-sponsored Classic 80’s Movies On The BIG Screen series.

And we are looking to light up social media with Bill & Ted’s references.

To participate, whip out your phone and follow the directions below for photo subjects. Tag the Boulton Center or GreaterBayShore on social media.

@greaterbayshore on Facebook and Instagram

@BoultonCenter on Facebook and @yboultoncenter on Instagram

Here’s what we’re looking for:

• Photos of you and a friend jamming out with guitars.

• Photos in a phone booth or at a pay phone (there are some around).

• Wear a Lincoln-style stovetop hat for a sweet selfie.

• Any pic from a mall food court.

• If you’re feeling extra silly, rock a toga and tag away.

Complete all five challenges and you’ll be entered to win tickets all all three remaining movies in the series, which also includes Weird Science (June 27) and Jaws (July 25).

We’ll be choosing the Bill & Ted ticket winners from among our favorites. All contest winners will be announced through GreaterBayShore on April 11. Or click here to purchase tickets. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.