Eating healthy isn’t always easy.

To better educate the public on nutrition, ShopRite of Bay Shore will host free “Eat Well, Be Happy” workshops beginning next month.

Dietitian Jenna Brown will be running the afternoon sessions, which will teach participants how to read food labels to better understand the balances of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Brown, an Islip native, will then teach recipes on how to make mini veggie pizzas, chickpea chocolate chip cookies, and homemade trail mix.

“Everyone needs to know the basics of good nutrition, and we are happy that Jenna Brown will be working to make our ‘Eat Well, Be Happy’ workshop a success,” said Natalie Menza-Crowe, MS, RD, and Director of Health & Wellness at ShopRite.

“This new program is a great way to introduce the free services of our Registered Dietitians to our customers and associates.”

Brown is one of over 100 Registered Dietitians that ShopRites has recruited from  across New York, New Jersey, Pennslyvania, Connecticut, and Delaware.

sign up

To sign up, you can email, or call ShopRite of Bay Shore at (631) 666-7737, ext. 22.

location and store hours

ShopRite of Bay Shore is located at 1905 Sunrise Highway, Bay Shore, NY, 11706. The store is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Top: ShopRite of Bay Shore’s dietician Jenna Brown. (Courtesy photo)