Bay Shore restaurant owner Jose Colon has managed supermarkets for 25 years.

After opening Bay Shore’s new Latin American eatery El Pilón in November, the Brentwood resident is getting back to his roots.

The 43-year-old is readying to launch a grocery store in Oakdale called Fresh Food Supermarket in the former Best Yet Market at 871 Montauk Highway.

But this isn’t Colon’s first rodeo at running his own grocery store.

In 2016, he opened the 17,000-square-foot Golden Mango Supermarket in Brentwood before selling it off to focus on his newer, much larger venture.

Fresh Food Supermarket, which is 25,000 square feet, will have a farmer’s market feel, especially on the west side of the building, says Colon.

“We’re going to have fresh produce, seafood, and meats,” he said. “There will also be a nursery for flowers and plants.”

Fresh Food Supermarket will also feature a juice bar that will sell fresh-pressed juices and smoothies, and a beer section that spotlights local breweries.

Colon, who is eyeing an early spring to open, will be hiring about 45 to 60 employees at the new grocery.

“When you come here, our supermarket is going to have the community-feel,” said Colon.

with Michael White

The outside view of the soon-to-be-opened Fresh Food Supermarket in Oakdale.

Top: Fresh Food Supermarket owner Jose Colon at his new location in Oakdale. (Credit: Michael White)