Historian, educator and GreaterBayShore.com contributing columnist Chris Verga is coming out with another local history book, called Saving Fire Island from Robert Moses.

The book is being published and distributed by The History Press of Arcadia Publishing Co.

Dr. Verga also has a meet-the-author event planned for 1 p.m. on March 23 — two days before the book hits store shelves — at Bay Shore-Brightwaters Public Library.

Below is a synopsis of the book, followed by two related and previously published articles, also by Dr. Verga, who lives in Bay shore.

The book will be available on Amazon come March 25 as well. Click here to purchase. The library is located at 1 South Country Road in Brightwaters.

about the book

Fire Island has represented a sunny oasis from the hustle of every day life for millions. Attracting over 500,000 vacationers a year to one of its 17 hamlets, the limited access to motor vehicles is one of its’ most distinctive features.

Over 55 years ago, this tranquil getaway became a battle ground over suburban development and conservation.

Detailed in the book, Saving Fire Island from Robert Moses, collective efforts spurred by everyday citizens will combat a political power broker who wielded unchecked power for generations.

A history of destroying people who got in the way of his plans, Robert Moses was a force not to be reckon with.

Not intimidated, an organized grassroots effort against construction of a four-lane highway traversing through Fire Island, would test the limits of democracy.

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