Dr. Larry Goldstein, chiropractor

Founder/owner/head brewer, Spider Bite Beer Company

Healthcare career: Cracking bones since 1994.

Brewing Career: Interned with Lost Abbey before opening Spider Bite in 2011.

Why a brewery?

“I’ve always loved beer and the process of brewing. Plus, insurance companies were making everything a hassle. I needed the change.”

Favorite styles (to drink):

Belgian Quads and Barleywines.

Favorite styles (to brew):

IPAs. “Even though there are more steps, I’ve made them for so long, I just kill it.” he laughs.

Favorite Spider Bite beers:

Dr. Goldstein is proud of all his beers.

“Obviously, Boris. Four medals alone in the last six months. And all my double IPAs, especially ‘Do’, ‘Open Wide’ and ‘12 Legs’, which won a bronze at the NY State Governor’s Cup.”

“I’m also proud of Melba. [It was] my first shot at a brown ale and it won an award. [Same thing] with ‘Itsy Bitsy’, my first mild and it won Silver in October.”


Goldstein has arachnophobia.