Dr. Roberto Rodriguez, doctorate of nursing practice, family medicine nurse practitioner

Founder/owner/head brewer, Po’ Boy Brewery

Healthcare career: 25 years.

Brewing career: Began home brewing 2009 and opened Po’ Boy in 2015 in a shared facility before becoming established at their present location in 2017.

Why a brewery?

Having done well in local and national competitions (amassing piles of awards), Dr. Rodriguez decided to make the leap into professional brewing.

In addition to tasty brews, Dr. Rodriguez opted to make ciders as well “for the large group of people with gluten allergies and for folks who may not like beer. [Cider gives them an option] with a whole lot of flavor and [is] completely different to other commercial products that are available.”

Favorite styles (to drink):

“I get bored very easily and I drink everything from American Standard lagers to sour beers and everything in between. That’s the same way we approach it at the brewery. But if I had to pick a product to drink most often it would probably be a pilsner or an IPA.”

Favorite styles (to brew):

“Something that has either not been created or a style of beer or cider that really pushes flavors in a way that enhances the styles and pleasantly surprises people.”

Favorite Po’ Boy beers:

“I like my ‘Cloudy Mentality’, which is a New England-style IPA and any of the stouts and pilsners that I’ve made.”


The bayou-themed tasting room is misleading. “Po’ Boy” stems from a nickname Rodriguez gave himself during his early days in Brooklyn.