Michael Byrne, Cardiac Nurse Practitioner

Aspiring owner/brewer

Healthcare Career:

Began as a Therapy Aid in 1987. Nurse Practitioner since 2001.

Brewing Career:

First started home brewing in 2007.

Why a brewery?

“I want to continue working after my health career finishes. Brewing beer has been an ongoing passion since 2007 and I have not looked back since. I [admire] the pioneers of craft beer and hope to [recreate the same adventures I experienced for a new generation of craft beer enthusiasts.”

Favorite styles (to drink):

“I really don’t have any individual favorite style to consume. I guess it depends upon the occasion or my mood. I enjoy a good German Pilsner after working outdoors on a summer afternoon, an imperial pale ale while watching hockey or football games, a well made imperial stout paired with prime rib… so, I guess it depends.”

Favorite styles (to brew):

“I really enjoy making wood aged beer [and] the aroma and flavor nuances extracted from the oak barrels.”

Favorite beers you’ve made?

“My favorite beer would have to be RyeValry [which placed 3rd in The Manhattan Cup]. It pairs well with a sandwich, steak or if you just feel like polishing off a few pints!”


Strap in fellow, beer geeks. Tasty things are on the horizon!