Should you vaccinate your children?

That was an important question Melody Anne Butler, a registered nurse and infection preventionist at Good Samaritan Hospital, who contemplated not getting a flu vaccation while pregnant because of information she read online.

“I know how susceptible people can be,” said Butler, who was featured on NBC’s Nightly News on Monday. “Even as a nurse, I was taken for a ride by the [myths of vaccinations].”

In the interview, she tells host Lester Holt why she created Nurses Who Vaccinate, a nonprofit that educates people, especially parents, on the topic using evidence-based information.

Since starting her nonprofit in 2011, she says some of the misconceptions that prevent people from getting vaccinations are: it can cause autism or seizures—which is untrue, according to her research.

“I work with mothers who have lost their children to vaccine-preventable diseases,” said Butler. “I am doing everything I can to prevent another family from suffering the death of a child or from life-long suffering.”

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