Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar in Bay Shore is looking to send two lucky locals to The Rolling Stones Farewell Tour at MetLife Stadium on Aug. 1.

They’ll be doing so Saturday night, July 27, when Rolling Stones tribute band Streetfighter will be performing at 2 p.m. inside Coastal, located at 12 East Main Street.

How it works is this, anyone who gets a drink will get a raffle ticket. The winner of the two free tickets will be drawn as the band wraps up, which the owners say will be around 5-ish.

The winner will have to be on premises for the announcement.

There will also be three Rolling Stones-inspired cocktails (outlined below), as well as beer and cocktail specials.

Sympathy For El Diablo:
Sierra Norte Oaxacan Whiskey
Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur
Fresh Lemon
Ginger Syrup

The Memory Motel:
Montauk Coconut Rum
Coconut Cream
Honey Syrup
Fresh Lemon

Paint it Black:
Avua Cacaçha Prata
Activated Charcoal
Raspberry Syrup
Fresh Lime