There’s a new outdoor experience being offered by Bay Shore’s Great South Bay Brewery.

Earlier this week, the South Shore brewery completed work on a new patio that includes six picnic tables, which will be able to comfortably fit between 30 to 35 people.

“We recently decided to renovate and add the front patio to the establishment to give people the option to sit outside during the warmer seasons and be in close proximity to all of the food trucks that serve our patrons,” said Megan Camasi, GSB’s assistant tasting room manager.

To make access to the outdoor area, the brewery knocked down one of its main tasting room walls to add a sliding glass door.

If you look closely, you’ll noticed something different about the imaging on the new Great South Bay Brewery furniture.

“The umbrellas give our patrons a sneak peek of the rebranding of our logo that will be published to the general public within a few weeks,” said Camasi.

Moving forward, the brewery will be undergoing subtle changes as it switches gears for the future. Make sure to check at GreaterBayShore to learn more about the rebranding.

Scroll down to see photos from GSB’s new deck.