The Great South Bay Brewery is taking its beer packaging in a new direction.

This week, the Bay Shore brewery announced it will be moving away from its beach-themed cans in favor for nautical flag designs.

According to GSB, the company wants to shift perception from being a summer-only beer creator to a “year-round brewery that takes the craft seriously.”

“The refined look is easy to spot, and the uniform design makes it distinguishable on the shelf,” explained GSB’s special projects manager, Ryan Randazzo. “Putting the beer style in big letters under the beer name we hope consumers will find it easier to effortlessly find the beer that’s right for them, and maybe try something new.”

Additionally, with the rebranding, Great South Bay Brewery will stop bottling its beer to focus on cans and kegs.

This decision was made after discovering a study that points to aluminum cans being the sustainable package of choice. According to the findings, transporting bottles emits 20 percent more greenhouse gases than cans do.

“The problem with glass is it’s heavy,” Zach Popp, sales representative at GSB, said. “Between the thick cardboard packaging used to make sure bottles don’t break and the larger carbon footprint it leaves when it comes to transportation, we decided to eliminate bottles entirely in an effort to go green.”

GSB’s new cans will go out into distribution beginning Wednesday, Aug. 14.

Scroll down to see photos of the new designs (courtesy photos.)