German music. Bratwurst and pretzels. Steins overflowing with beer.

It all goes down Saturday, Sept. 14, at the 12th annual Oktoberfest in T.J. Finley’s Public House in Bay Shore.

This is among the most popular Oktoberfest parties on Long Island.

“It’s such a festival occasion, that’s what it is,” said T.J. Finley’s co-owner Drew Dvorkin. “It’s festive and celebratory, with the German music and everyone has the big, one-liter beer steins.”

The festival will feature 10 different Oktoberfest beers this year.

It’s free to get in, and revelers get handed a free glass stein — however the popular steins do run out, so anyone late to the party that starts at 3 p.m. might get stuck with a regular pint glass.

To combat this issue, T.J. Finley’s will be offering people to register for a stein on the website. It’s $10 for a stein, first fill-up and a pretzel.

“Which is an amazing deal because the beers alone are $13 each,” said Dvorkin.

After the first 100 steins are spoken for online, the next 200 will be $15 each. Early comers to the fest can grab a free stein, but supplies will be limited at that point. So you’ll be taking your chances.

The day is also highlighted by a stein-hoisting competition under the big tent in the back.

“You have to hold up a stein that’s filled with beer with your arm extended straight at shoulder length, and see who can hold it there the longest,” Dvorkin said.

The winner typically clocks in at around 3 to 4 minutes.

“It’s deceiving because it’s not like big time muscle-head guys who win,” he said. “It’s a real variety. Sometimes it’s a real skinny dude.”

T.J. Finley’s is located at 42 East Main Street in Bay Shore (map below).