The LaGrange Inn in West Islip is one of the oldest building in the region.

So it was only fitting the West Islip Historical Society moved into the historical property built in the 1750s.

The historical society, which has been holding meetings at the West Islip Public Library, moved into the three-story space last year.

Prior to moving in, there was a debate about what to do with the property, which sat vacant between 2010 and 2014. Some wanted to preserve it, others wanted to develop the land.

In 2012, the drugstore chain CVS created a plan accepted by the town to rehabilitate the inn while moving it away from Montauk Highway and turning it toward Higbie Lane.

Last summer, after the renovations were complete the West Islip Historical Society took over the space while adding a museum in the building, according to Preservation Long Island.

A year later, the heads of the organization celebrated the move with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“This building, which dates back to 1750, is a treasure in the community, and an appropriate new home for the West Islip Historical Society,” said Islip Supervisor Angie Carpenter.” We wish the society many productive years here.”

For history on the building, make sure to check out the Save the LaGrange Inn Facebook page.

Top: The West Islip Historical Society celebrating its ribbon-cutting ceremony at the LaGrange Inn. (Credit: Town of Islip)