After hearing about the work Only Love Foundation does — a nonprofit that helps build schools in underdeveloped countries — Bay Shore’s Louis Blangiardo knew immediately he wanted to help.

Founded in 2015 by Valley Stream resident Craig Taylor, Only Love Foundation already built schools in Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, and Guatemala, and has donated over 10,000 school supplies.

The non-for-profit’s next course of action is to build the first-ever computer lab in Kibera, Kenya — an area where the average person earns less than $1.00 a day, and access to the outside world is incredibly limited.

That’s where Blangiardo stepped in.

Kenya students thanking the Nexus Pro Group for helping with its donations

Through the company in which he works, JSM Brokerage, and his young professionals networking organization, Nexus Professional Networking Group, he helped coordinate a fundraiser at Happuage’s Simplay — Long Island’s only multi-sport simulator — for Thursday, Oct. 3.

The goal is to raise around $10,000 to help build the academic learning facility.

“We are building this computer lab to help the children gain the technical skills they need in a modern world,” said Blangiardo.

So far, through his networking group and JSM Brokerage, he’s helped get 75 computers donated for the lab.

“With these laptops, we can help teach these kids so many things,” said Taylor. “We can teach them coding, so they can find jobs in the ever-growing digital market, whether being cybersecurity or creating apps… I think it’s their way out.”

Now, Blangiardo is looking to raise enough money to build the infrastructure for the computer lab.

Admission for the event, which runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., will be $100. In addition to being able to play simulated sports games like hockey, baseball, and golf, there will be giveaways as well.

To purchase tickets, click here.

To learn more about Only Love Foundation, see the video below.


Simplay is located at 180 Commerce Drive, Hauppauge.

Top: Only Love Foundation’s Craig Taylor teaching students in Africa how to use their new laptops (credit: Facebook).