by Maria Simpson |

There are way too many people out there saying there’s just not enough time for breakfast. Or that they simply just forgot.

But people, we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day; our mothers weren’t lying to us.

Let me also bestow the benefits of breakfast, in listicle form:


Breaking that fast between dinner and the first two hours of waking up directly affects the way your body metabolizes glucose (blood sugar) throughout your day. When your body is at a balanced blood sugar level, you will not get the urge to overeat, and your body will feel balanced —leading to better food choices to keep your body fueled properly.


Breakfast will jumpstart your metabolism first thing in the morning leading to a boosted, more ready-to-go metabolism


Getting a jump on your macro nutrition early (your proteins, carbs and fats) keeps your body satisfied and not searching for nutrition.

No need for bad snack cravings, over eating and weight gain!

mental health

Eating breakfast improves concentration at work and school.


Skipping breakfast leads to lower energy levels, and the time you spend getting to the gym for workouts will feel weaker, so eat up!


One of my go-to breakfasts is eggs over easy and sweet potato. And it could be yours too if you follow the below recipe.

What you need:

1- 1 slice of ezekiel bread

2- 2 eggs

3- 1/3 sweet potato

4- pinch of arugula

5- lemon

What to do:

Prep: The night before, boil a sweet potato and let it cool in the fridge overnight to change the starches in the potato into a resistant starch (a type of fiber) that bypasses the ability to become body fat. Must be cold when eaten so the starch doesn’t un-crystalize due to heating up. Think of this as a free carb.

1- spray a frying pan with some cooking spray and set the flame to a medium heat, crack two eggs into the pan.

2- While those, cook put one slice of ezekiel bread into the toaster.

3- Flip the eggs so that they are over easy, or medium (whatever you like). Turn the flame off

4-  Squish 1/3 slice of cold sweet potato onto the toast.

5- Add a pinch of arugula on top of the sweet potato

6- Squeeze some lemon on top

7- Add the over-easy eggs