Health & Wellness Tips

by Maria Simpson |

With Daylight Savings gone, here comes more morning light.

I love sleep as much as anyone, but I also love myself a date with the sunrise. I’ve toggled back and forth between sleeping in, given my life circumstances, and rising earlier to tackle the day.

A lot is about habits, and breaking habits.

For a while I was doing that thing. You know, determined the night before to get up with all these grand, healthy morning plans, but then hitting snooze five times and doing none of those things.

If you’re looking to reclaims your mornings, you came to the right place. Or at least in the right direction, by being inspired by what worked for me.

wakeup and rock

Set that alarm. Get up when it goes off. The big key is to not hit snooze. You will open your eyes, not look at that bright phone screen, lay on your back and bring your knees to your chest like a cannon ball. Wiggle your toes and ankles, then rock side to side slightly until you roll to one side and sit yourself up. That is your first morning commitment; it’s called the wakeup body dance.

super greens

Now that you’re sitting up, you can do step 2 or 3 in any order. My step 2 is to go to the kitchen and get 6 oz of water and a scoop of Super Greens. Mix it up and bring it somewhere quiet, even back in bed, to sip on for 10 minutes. [Click here to order some.]

Having the greens before anything else in the day will allow you to absorb all the mix’s benefits without obstruction. Super Greens drinks are good for energy and for getting vitamins and minerals that are vital for rebuilding your body.

(I can tell you my favorite brands in Facebook comments.)

morning yoga

For Step 3 you’ll need a yoga mat or a blanket and some space for gentle morning yoga. Nothing crazy, just 10-15 minutes of getting your body and mind awake. My favorite is Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I normally do the 10-minute ones where you’ll stay mostly seated and stretch your chest, back, legs and neck all while being in my pajamas, sipping super greens.


Step 4 is my personal favorite: espresso time. I get my bathrobe on, maybe even my cozy socks and march myself into the kitchen to make my Americano in one of my footed teacups (picking the right cup so important). I park myself in the chair in the window that faces the sunrise and I watch the magic in quiet as I think about the day. This little guy is Charles, my favorite footed tea cup:

This is Charles

personal notes

There is absolutely no need to wake up under pressure. Set the tone.

My early morning routine has reduced my anxiety and provided much-needed and often elusive me-time.

You might go on from Step 4 straight to the gym, or maybe you’re one of those people who start work very early. But no matter what happens in the day, remember that nothing can take that happy, peaceful morning from you. If you have your own routine that works I would love to hear it.