Beer lovers, here’s a date to circle in your calendar.

On Saturday, March 21, at noon Bay Shore’s new beer makers, HopWin’s Brewery, will be launching at 1460 North Clinton Avenue.

It’s been a long time coming for HopWin’s founders and brother-in-laws Billy Hoppe and Steve Winn, who took over the 2,350-square-feet space in 2017.

“We were so excited to make the announcement,” Billy told GreaterBayShore on Monday.

The owners are running the operations with their wives Rhiannon Hoppe and Jennifer Winn, who are sisters.

Together, the team has made a name for themselves on the beer scene, winning the best beer at the third annual BREW’D competition at the Long Island Craft Classic this past summer. Their beer was Dat Mango Tho’, a mango IPA with hints of strawberry.

The brewery, which has a 50-foot-long bar, is located next to The Brewers Collective. The two breweries plan to collaborate with each other in the future.

To learn more about HopWin’s make sure to read our prior coverage and listen to our podcast episode with Billy and Steve.

prior coverage

Top: HopWin’s Brewery owners celebrating their victory at the BREW’D competition (credit: Facebook)