Several Bay Shore restaurants, themselves hurting from the coronavirus lockdown measures, are stepping up to help frontline hospital workers by donating food daily to Northwell Health’s Southside Hospital.

Over a dozen restaurants (list below) and takeout places are participating by delivering trays of food each day of the week at 8 p.m., at shift change.

“This was all about the healthcare workers and, hopefully, creating a win-win for them and the businesses who have stepped up in support,” said Patti-Lynn Garrett, Northwell Health Corporate Community Relations Coordinator.

She said the question was, what do the workers need?

The hospital does have its own food, of course, but the different options from the local restaurants does help, as one could imagine.

“This [restaurant] food is going to help them to keep nourished, and keep up their energy, their mental acuity and most importantly, their morale.”

“In the end, we’re hoping people reach out and frequent these businesses who have stepped up to help protect their communities.”

The food will be going to everyone, from the doctors and nurses, to environmental remediation and all other workers.

“Everyone is as equally important as the next,” Garrett said.

The restaurants are happy to help, said Mike McElwee of the Bay Shore chamber’s restaurant committee and a co-owner of Local Burger, T.J. Finley’s and The Penny Pub, all in downtown Bay Shore.

“We are happy to support the healthcare workers who are working so hard to care for our entire community,” McElwee said. “Small businesses such as ours are definitely suffering at this time, but we realize if we all stick together and watch out for one another, we’ll all get through this.”

Garrett told the restaurants this week that the entire effort warms her heart in trying times.

“With all that you are going through you are putting it aside and helping others,” she had said. “May this come back to you all ten-fold.”

“I am in awe of what they’re doing,” she told GreaterBayShore.

Here’s the food delivery schedule:

Monday: Local Burger and Slice of Bay Shore

Tuesday: Tula Kitchen and Bango Bowls

Wednesday: ITA and Pico

Thursday: Coastal and Verde

Friday: The Tap Room and AJ’s Grilled Cheese

Saturday: Corks n Taps and Napper Tandy’s

Sunday: Changing Times and TBT