Below is a message from pastor Anthony Vito and Craig Low, deacon

The First Congregational Church of Bay Shore (BSFCC) has been at the forefront of spiritual life in the Long Island community for 165 years.

That proud tradition continues today amid the rapidly unfolding Coronavirus pandemic. 

Like many other houses of worship, the church doors have been closed the past two Sundays. In order to stay connected,

Pastor Anthony and the technical crew videotape a Wednesday evening Prayer Service and a Sunday Worship Service. Both services, as well as updates can be found on the BSFCC’s website and Facebook page. There is also an online daily “Come Pray with Me” message. 

“What an incredible church we have,” said Pastor Anthony Vito. “From the beginning of this season of uncertainty, so many have come forward to help.”

In addition, Pastor Anthony said there is a team of people who are connecting with members of the church, either by telephone or another way, to guarantee every parishioner has a human connection.

BSFCC Member and Deacon, Craig Low, has been lending his expertise with video production and website design. “I really think COVID-19 social distancing has challenged our congregation to think innovatively,” Craig said.

“For years, the church has made participation in Sunday services the priority. We’re serving a new generation now that is not used to having to be somewhere to partake because there are so many other ways to connect.”

According to Pastor Anthony, “I am blessed to pastor a church where we walk by faith and not by sight every day. Yes, this is a tough time, it’s confusing and sometimes overwhelming. The enemy thinks he can win but ultimately God will take us through.”

about the church

The First Congregational Church of Bay Shore was established in 1853. The present sanctuary was built in 1891 by ship’s carpenters and is listed in the National Register of Historical Places. The magnificent sanctuary features dramatic, inverted crossed hulls of ships, 29 breath-taking stained-glass windows, and a 113-year old Oman Organ.